App Inventor Example Program

The example program is intended for users who are familiar with App Inventor for Android. It uses the Web component to send data to the sensor cloud server using a POST request. It can be run either on the smartphone or emulator and no other hardware is required.

    Steps to Get Started
  1. Join this site using your Facebook login
  2. Goto My Configuration to generate the API Secret. Note your API Key
  3. Goto Geocoder to get the Geolocation of your address
  4. Update your configuration with the lat, lng of your address. This will be the default geolocation used for your data.
  5. Download the example program.
  6. Modify the code to include your API Key and API Secret
  7. API Key
  8. Run the program. Press the Log button. A notification will display the status of the post.
  9. Your data will be available to you and your friends on

This example uses a different api url The lat, lng (geolocation), unit (unit) and dt (timestamp format "Y-m-d H:i:s" UTC) parameters are optional and uses the default or system value if not specified.

Optional Parameters