We follow the mantra Release early and iterate often to allow our users to try stuff out early and determine what is useful and what is not. What this means is that the documentation may be insufficient and there may be bugs. Please use the comments to get help

Q: Do I need to be a customer of Emant Pte Ltd to post to the Cloud?
No, but having the necessary hardware (USB DAQ Training Kit or Bluetooth Starter Kit) to acquire data will be useful.

Q: How robust is the solution?
It is in beta, provided at no cost to the users now. Use it AS-IS. It is excellent for Proof of Concept projects.

Q: I saw some medical examples - is it suitable for medical or clinical use?
It cannot be used for actual medical or clinical applications - the examples shown are Proof of Concept projects.

Q What are its limitations?
The data displayed will be the last 300 data points. You can have a number of sensor ids.

Q: Do my friend need to be a customer?
No, they just need to login using their Facebook account.

Q: What happens to Friend Connect?
After 1 Mar 2012, Google will discontinue the service so there will be no further access after that date. If you need the data to be available after that date, use your Facebook login.

Q: Why can't I see the graph on the smartphone browser?
Please visit if you are using a smartphone browser (iphone, android ...)

Q: While developing my program, I made some mistakes on the data. How can I edit the data?
You cannot edit the data - you can only delete the sensor data. Once your code is complete, just delete the test sensor data.